Statement regarding President Obama’s visit to the Amazon facility in Chattanooga

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — “We are glad President Obama came to see the many things that Tennessee is doing right in our efforts to attract new industry to our state and what sets us apart from other states. We are first in the Southeast in GDP, personal income growth, and manufacturing jobs growth; and first in the nation for infrastructure and global access, and auto manufacturing strength. But, those accolades do not come by accident. Governor Haslam and our General Assembly leadership have worked very hard to make Tennessee’s business climate more attractive to bring in new jobs. Businesses are also attracted to Tennessee by our low tax structure, the fact that we have the lowest debt per capita among all 50 states, and have been called one of the top three best run states in the U.S. I hope President Obama truly listens to what is going on in Tennessee as it is worthy of emulation.”


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