Chances of winning

Let’s play some slots

You may have noticed, slots don’t just come in the 3 reel variants (i.e. 3 columns of symbols). Nowadays, there are even 5 reel slots that one could play online slots games on, or perhaps in actual physical betting houses – according to your preference.

A great deal of brand-new players usually shy away from 5 reel pokies both online and offline largely simply because they feel that 5 reels design your chances of winning not nearly as expensive normal. Frankly speaking – this isn’t entirely true and you are clearly about to find out just how 5 reel slots compare against their 3 reel equivalents.
Chances of winning

Winning Probability colliding with Frequency on 5 Reel Slots

Generally, the ‘feel’ most players have about online slots and pokies is that 5 reel games are usually harder hitting winning combinations with. All things considered – you need 5 symbols to set up rather than just 3… right?


Being entirely honest, because all pokies and online pokies systems work with a random number generator, a 3 reel system set to pay out 95% and a 5 reel system set to pay out 95% have the exact same probability of landing a fantastic combination. It may be slightly hard to grasp, yet it’s true!

In addition, you’ll find that 5 reel slots have more varieties of winning combinations than their 3 reel cousins. This implies that you actually will see yourself winning more smaller combinations on 5 reel online pokies than 3 reel online slots!

While good luck remains a major factor – the maths is actually pretty solid in such cases. In a nutshell – playing both 5 reel pokies and 3 reel pokies is perhaps same, bar because you have a higher probability of winning smaller sized pots for the 5 reel variety.

Max Bets on 5 Reel Pokies

The biggest distinction between playing 5 reel online slots and also the 3 reel version is the fact that you might not desire to play maximum bets on 5 reel pokies.

Reason being: With 5 reel online pokies you should play all of the lines possible to improve your chances of landing a win, even if it’s a small pot. That being said if you’re using the max bet on all lines you’re you go to end up paying a large sum per game – and also this might not be worthwhile.

End during the day, choosing which video slot to play is surely an entirely personal decision. However now that you know many of the facts about 5 reel online pokies, you could actually want to give them a shot rather than staying away from them for that wrong reasons.

That knows you might actually like them!

Bear in mind – be sure that you learn the online slots game itself before you agree to extra cash and playing on it in the long term. To be honest, 5 reel pokies can be complicated when you’re getting started, so take time to get to know the game!