District Issues

America is a land of immigrants, dating back to 1620 when the Mayflower landed on the shores of Plymouth Rock. I am a proud American, and I support and welcome anyone to these shores who wants to reap the wonderful benefits of living in our free nation, regardless of age, race, color, creed or religion. But we have laws to legally immigrate to our country. All I ask is that these people follow our laws and come here legally.
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As an insurance agent, I see the rising costs in all areas of insurance every day. One of the areas where these increases are causing the most damage is in medical malpractice. The cost of medical malpractice insurance is out of control in many states, including Tennessee. It is a main cause of the overall rising cost of health care.
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I hear constituents talk regularly about our criminal justice system and the rights we provide for those accused of crimes. They say, “Sometimes it seems like the criminals have more rights than the victims.” It may seem like that, but providing these rights – providing fairness for all – is what makes the American system of justice the model by which many countries around the world build their judicial systems.
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As a member of the Senate Education Committee, I believe education is the most important thing government can provide our children. Without an education, it is difficult for a person to survive in society. With an education, the sky is the limit.
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